April 29, 2016

February 2016: SM Seaside

Howdy Guys!!!

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking. I know I haven't update my blog for how many months. *cries*. I'm so sorry, life has been so good and pretty busy. No worries I'm back, and ready to do more adventures. If you have notice I change my blog name from Ai Capture Memories to Simply Vanessa. Hmm.. Let's just save the talk for my next post or vlog. Yep! I'm also now active on youtube. So please do visit my channel here!. I haven't made a channel name I'm just using my name. Maybe, later on I'll be able to come up with a good name for my channel. So much for that. Let's begin from where we left hanging.

So, after we visited Basilica del Santo NiƱo, we first satisfy our craving and had lunch at our favorite fast food chain no other than Jollibee. Right after we immediately went to our goal place which the newly opened mall in the city, the SM Seaside. Apparently one of the largest mall in the Philippines. As I mention before we occasionally go to Cebu so we decided to extend our stay and decide to roam around the mall.

We both enjoyed watching people at the skating ring and off course some pop corns. Probably the only snacks we had while we where there. My cousin tried different arcade games. While I was busy looking for some kawaii stuff like stationeries and clothes. Though, I honestly cannot afford them because it's too pricey for someone like me. I'm freaking broke. (T_T)

My favorite part of the mall is the roof deck. I can have 360 degree view of the city. Which is freaking awesome.


That's if for now. Thanks for reading my blog.

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