September 27, 2016

3rd Japan Education Fair and Convention (Cebu)

I have been away from the community for quite some time already because #work, and it feels so good to be back with what you really like and love to do. It was around July (I think) when Jane told me that Jellyfish Consultancy invited Kawaii Lovers Cebu to do a Lolita Fashion show for the Japan Education Fair and Convention. Without any hesitation Jane said yes, and invited our friends from the community to participate. It's KLC's second time to participate in the fair. Also, my second time to attend as part of the media people, all thanks to Cebu Blogging Community. From last year, KLC had a booth to promote Mata Expo and we're all dress up in Harajuku theme. We are overwhelmed with the number of people who visited our booth and participated in our mini game/ raffle.
September 4, was the 3rd year of Japan Education Fair and Convention held at SM City Cebu Trade hall. Jellyfish Education Consultancy(JEC) Philippines, Inc. in cooperation with Japan Foundation aims to promote Japan as a destination of education in terms of global competitiveness.
Different Japanese Universities, language schools and vocational institutes also participated in the fair opening their doors for to Filipinos who would like to study and work in Japan.
Aside from a very educational talks/seminars about Japanese language, culture, student life in Japan, and Lolita fashion show. There was also other activities like Cosplay Competition, Pokemon Go Quiz and Anime drawing contest.
I was the Kawaii all-rounder the whole time, being blogger/ vlogger, personal assistant of the models and photographer. Oh boy! That was no easy task for me. Again endless thank you to Cebu Blogging Community and Jane for the experince. 
I was not able to snap a solo photo of all the ladies but here's a closer look of our coordinates.
I'm so thankful that I had a chance to join this kind of event, where I get to know new people who share the same fandom / hobby as me. Check out Kawaii Lovers Cebu Facebook page for more photos or click here!

Thank you Jellyfish Consultancy for trusting Kawaii Lovers Cebu to do the fashion show. Also, thank you Jane for letting me use your camera the entire day.

I'll be posting a vlog about the event on my youtube channel soon! That's it for now, thanks again for reading.

Update: I just uploaded my 3rd Japan Education Fair and Convention video on youtube. Trying a new approach on how I edit my videos. Learning new stuff is so much fun.


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