September 22, 2016

Coffee Prince + SJ Cam M20 Trial // Vlog 2

Howdy Friends! It's another vlog update!

On the last day of June, which happened to be my day off. I decided to spend it with my university friends. Which I haven't seen for ages, since the day I took a break in studying. I wanted to catch up with them, super thank you Trixie, Courtney, Leah and tatay Eric for coming. It's really funny that I'm the first one to leave the house and yet I'm the one who arrives really late. Haha So we meet up at our university's main campus at 7/11 to be exact. Then I ask them to accompany me to Hey Joe Gadget Store, to buy my very first action camera, the SJ Camera M20 // I will be posting a review about it soon // . 

Afterwards, we headed to Amidala Cafe and guess what, we made tatay wait for so long yet we are note able to secure a table there.  We instead went to my favorite cafe Coffee Prince, just across Cebu Doctors Hospital. Courtney already blog about her thoughts about her first Coffee Prince experience here. Also, we perfect time to give my new SJ Cam a try.

Coffee Prince Cebu + SJCam M20 Trial // Vlog 2
Full Review of my SJ Cam M20 soon!
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