September 15, 2016

Japanese Summer Festival: Bon Odori 2016

With over 22,000+ attendees, the two days event, Japanese Summer Festival: Bon Odori 2016 was a blast. This year's Bon is held at Sugbu Grounds, South Road Properties (SRP), Cebu City, Philippines last August 12-13. I went on the last day with my kawaii friends Jane and Vianna. It's Jane's 3rd time, my 2nd time, and Vianna's 1st time to attend. I decided not to wear Yukata this time because just like my first time I attended Bon, it was raining. Good thing, the night sky clears up and we are able to enjoy the night. There were different activities like Yukata Contest, Karaoke Contest, Cosplay Contest, Karate Exhibition and Mochitsuki(Rice Cake Pouding) to mention a few. They also have lots of booths that you can check out like some store selling authentic Japanese products and local & Japanese Restaurant with oishi Food!

Also, we're able to memorize and complete the Bon Odori dance. Yay! Hopefully, as Jane said, our love life will be blessed. We watched fireworks without Senpai! // cries in the corner //  Haha... On our way home, we walk from the event venue to SM Seaside, because there are no vehicles available. Lol. It was tiring but wort it, it was a really great experience, enjoying the city lights and the ocean.

I'm looking forward for next year!
Thank you Jane for letting me use your photos for this post. I was not able to take a single photo because I was taking a video. My youtube vlog is now up too!


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