September 12, 2016

Mata Expo Cebu 2016

Howdy Friends! First of all thanks again for visiting my blog or if it's your first time here, welcome to my crazy space! Before anything else, I would like to know what do you think of my new blog design? After how may days of tweaking some html codes I'm almost finish revamping my blog. Finally, my dream blog design is coming true. / Achievement Unlock / . I finally have the enthusiasm to blog again. Yay!

Though, I still have a lot of catching up to do here, because I realize that in less than 4 months I will be writing my "Goodbye 2016" or "Thank you 2016" post, but I haven't share anything here and honestly I'm starting to forget about how 2016 so far.

I will be starting with Mata Expo in Cebu last February 6, 2016. I was not able to take any photos because it was kinda crazy day being the "organizer" for the Lolita, Cosplay and K-pop Dance contest and at the same time one of the judges. Everything must be according to the event flow, you make sure all the participant is ready, blah... blah... Everything was super fun. Thank you so much to Mata Expo especially Kat for entrusting Kawaii Lovers Cebu with these tasks.

I was so happy that able to spend time with kawaii friends before I decide to stay in my hometown for the meantime. And off course I made new friends. Thank you Sai for these photos.

Mata Expo will be back in Cebu this 2018, which means this 2017 it will be held in Manila. Hopefully I could attend the event next year!

Anyways, here's a video from Mata Expo Facebook page.


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