September 19, 2016

Simala Trip // Vlog 1

Happy Monday friends! I know some of you are not a Monday person. I don't know why but Monday really excites me. A start of a new week, new struggles, new memories, new chances and more. I suddenly, feel a little bit mature cause I honestly love Mondays.

Anyways, my first (accidental) vlog, was during our trip in  Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga to visit the "Birhen sa Simala". You might be interested in knowing more about this holy place from my previous post. I was taking random photos and videos during the trip using my Tito's phone and realize maybe I can post this in my youtube. As the title of this post says and as I mention in one of my previous post, I'm giving my video editing skills and knowledge another try. So I'm back in doing vlogs in my new channel. Please do check out my Youtube Channel and don't forget to subscribe.

Anyhow,  this was around June when my Tito got home from abroad for vacation, he's an OFW in Panama. That is why this trip was short notice. Now writing this post reminds me that I received a PINK SLIP from work for being absent because I didn't ask permission to the HR office even our supervisor allowed me... Haha  I already missed a lot of family outing during the course of my work. Well, even they allow me or not I will still be absent because I don't want to miss this family outing.

I will be sharing more about vlogging and what camera I'm using soon. So, please stay tuned it will be posted in no time. So for now enjoy our Simala Trip vlog.


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