September 24, 2016

Sm Seaside + ToFiCon Cyberzone Pre-event (with Vianna) // Vlog 5

I been trying to finish my vlog update here in my blog before I continue sharing my pending vlogs on my youtube channel. I been doing my best to update this blog and catch up all the stories I haven't shared here, after all I consider my blog as my online diary. Its just I need more motivation, I thought making my dream blog design to life will help me. Honestly, that's not what's happening, my creative juice is so drained right now. I have a lots of ideas and a few pending backlogs but things are getting way out of hand. Anyway, too much for that. I will be skipping my vlog update because I can't find any photos from my vlog 3 and 4.

The first thing I did when my work contract ends was to hangout with my family and friends. So, I invited my blogger friend Vianna of A Sunny Happiness to hangout and catch up with me. Cause I think we are not able to properly say good bye to each other the first time we meet. Since now she lives and work here in Cebu we can now do more kawaii adventure together. So we went to Sm Seaside to attend the ToFiCon Cyberzone Pre-event and then just room around, do window shopping, chitchatting  and eat. Vianna also blog about it here, ToFiCon will be on December 10 and hopefully I could attend.

Two awkward potatoes on the vlog!
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