November 9, 2016

The Ranch Resort and Farm in Toledo City

Hi Guys! So I realize I haven't share this one here. So here it is I'm sharing this to all of you. As I mention before, one thing I did after my previous job ended was to spend it with my family because I missed a lot of family activities when I was at work. We thought of going to the beach but my cousins insisted to visit The Ranch Resort and Farm because we haven't been there and my Tita promise us before.

And we both think it's the best decision we made. The Ranch Resort and Farm didn't failed us at all. Right in the entrance we are greeted with a big smile from their staff. They are very friendly and polite. Btw, this is not a sponsored post. I just want to share with you our lovely experience at the resort. They offer (5)five pools, where both kids and adults can enjoy. Especially, for those who don't know how swim and a big YES I'm one of the people who don't know how to swim. Though you are not allowed to bring food inside because they have their own restaurant but it's worth it. Aside from those they also offer fun recreational activities like horseback ridding, farm tour which we tried, and zipe lines to mention a few. You might want to check out this article I found, that might be helpful for you. If you want to visit Toledo or the resort itself.

Of course, we feel very safe inside the resort. They have securities and life guards just in case. Also I want to share to you how safe the resort. What happen is when we are done with the farm tour. My Tita realize that she left her wallet at the at the aviary. So we immediately  report it to the stuff and they response asap. They accompanied us back to the farm and give us the wallet personally. Yay!

This is also a perfect time to try my new SJ Camera which comes with waterproof case. Overall, we had a great experience. I would difinetly give 10 of 10 when it comes to their services, facillities , food and the resort itself.

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