April 28, 2017

Photo Diary // Blessed Sunday

Hey Guys! First of all welcome back to me. Yay!  🎉  It's been more or less six months since the last time I blog. Things had been not so good this past few months and it feels so good to be back in my feet slowly recovering from all the negativity. Let's skip the long reasons and drama why I haven't been able to update my blog. It's now summer here in the Philippines and I decided to start a small business, so far it's working and helps me keep busy everyday. I now get less depression and anxiety attacks. So thankful to Papa God for enlightening me during the Holy Week.

Anyways, I'm sure one thing that you have notice is a new url for my blog. From vanessasabroso.blogspot.com to van-sabroso.blogspot.com, a shorter and not so confusing url. Hopefully I could buy a new domain before the year ends. Which means I will be back in blogging regularly. And if you have notice I made a few changes from my old blog design. Thank God I still remember my web programming and designing class way back in highschool and college. Haha


April 9, we went to the city to offer a thanksgiving prayers at the Basilica del Santo Niño. I didn't expect much about this trip that I didn't bother charging my phone and camera (plus I was having anxiety attack the whole trip). In mind I thought we are just going to church, visit my aunt's brother-in-law in Mandaue and then go home. Later to find out that it isn't. After we offer prayers we went to Robinsons Galleria to have lunch since it's my cousins and aunti's first time to visit the mall (which by the way my second time to visit). Yet they couldn't find a nice fast food /  restaurant so we went to SM Cebu instead to have our lunch and do a little stroll to kill some time. Around 3 or 4 in the afternoon we went to Mandaue. They had a nice chitchat while I take a nap still because of my attack. I was not in the mood the whole day. When suddenly they ask if we are really going. Wait, what? Go where? We're not going home yet? It's already late? Where are you going?

Then there we go, they decided to visit the newly opened cafe and attraction in Cordova Cebu the 10,000 Roses. The attraction is so popular that it so crowded when we visited. Honestly, I wasn't able to appreciate the whole thing because of the sea of people. A little info about the place, 10,000 Roses is of course made of 10,000 artificial Roses that blossoms during the day and transforms into magical bright blooms in the night. One thing you will also appreciate is the wonderful view of Metro Cebu during the night.


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