February 2, 2015

New Found Love: Rice Burger

January just ended this means the season of love is finally here!
This will be perfect for me to introduce my new found love - Rice Burger .
While on our way home after meeting my high school friends( Read it here! ) I notice a Korean food stall still in Emall (just beside Gentlemen Cafe). I didn't know the place so I thought that they are just newly open but I was wrong. They been in business for 7 months and I been to Emall sometime and I didn't notice this place. I wanted to try it badly but it's already pass closing time.

I found it really unique, even from the name itself. So, I told my university friends about the place. We went to Emall to grab snack/dinner so Andrei, Zander and I was able to try their food. Swear I regret not for trying this place.

What I like about the place is simple yet attractive. They got simple decor and the table and chairs are good for 2 or 3.  Speaking of chairs, it was really cute since it’s not an ordinary wooden chair. It's small and don't have a support in the back. I also like their serves, the waitress was really accommodating.

The Chalk Board Menu!
I notice in most of the cafes / restaurant I been to uses chalk board with very colorful chalks.
I may say that I love their food it’s affordable and yummy. Though except for their Ramen cause it looks like instant noodles (a super spicy noodles). Not worth your money.

Zander ordered Egg Ramen while Andrei and I tried their specialty Rice burger.
It has a different flavor to choose so Andrei tried Beef Spicy and I tried Beef Teriyaki (Japanese) and fries. It was super yummy (no exaggeration, but it was really Delicious) that I would like to buy another one but I can't (cause ain’t got money anymore).

This is how the store looks like outside. I was having hard time taking this photos, lots of people are passing by since it's near the side entrance (across GSIS Building).

It was really awesome especially it's also my first time to go out with Zander. You should try this place. I still go back here for take out every time I got free time.



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