June 5, 2017

Summer 2017 // The Ranch, Hidden Beach, Park Place

Hey Guys!

So summer just officially ended here in the Philippines and the rainy season is officially here. Though we cannot feel it yet, because of the scorching heat. Even if we already said bye to summer, our adventures and time we spent together remains in our memory. A happy memory.

When I was younger way back when I was still a student, I always look forward to summer vacation to take a break from studies, homework, and projects. And it is a plus if we can get to do a road trip or go to the beach at least once before the new school year begins. Then, I guess those kinds of things change as we get older #adultingIsHard. It is now a different story when you have a work. Days may just pass like a normal and boring day. You'll be lucky if you get the chance to enjoy your summer and hit the beach or a road trip or even out of the country trips. So yah! I'm one of the few percent of the people who gets less chance of enjoying summer.

However, this time it's different. Aside from starting my business that keeps me busy every day. All thanks to my mama's older sister and her daughter who is now living in Luzon, who decided to spend a week here in Cebu for vacation. Our normal day to day routine has changed. They have been away for so long that my Aunt can't barely speak and understand Bisaya anymore. Their trip here in Cebu was very unexpected like they inform us a day before their flight. All of us was super excited when we found out since also it's my cousin's first time here in Cebu. Ahh.. Finally, our travel plans over the long phone call are coming to life. Yay!

Definitely no dull moments and fewer anxiety attacks. I'm so happy that I'm now able to share our summer adventures here. I'll be dividing this into a two-part blog post and I hope you make it until the end. So let's start...


The first outdoor adventure we did was swimming. It was the perfect time because it was during Easter Sunday where we usually go to the beach after we celebrate the holy week. Actually, it was only my cousins and their school friends who went to the ranch resort. I guess Aunt got bored being the only one at home also we are the only one left in the neighborhood because they also went to the beach. So she decided to follow them and invited me and our cousins Keisha, Sophia and Kent Rylle.

It's my second time at The Ranch Resort and still its one of my fave resort. You might want to read my previous entry about this place to know why. On our first visit, I was just at the 4 ft pool or at the corner of the 5 ft pool. Haha... The struggle of non-swimmer. This time with the help of my dear cousins I was able to conquer my fears and go deeper into the water. They also give me a swimming lesson and hold me when I feel like drowning. At a time like this I envy them at the young age they are a really good swimmer.


Ah!!! Finally the beach! I don't know why beaches feel much better than pools. So yah! When my Aunt and cousin went home to Cebu, one request of them is to go to the beach specifically "White Sand Beach" because they haven't been to any. Also, parang nasa Boracay feels (Pretends to be in Boracay) ahahaha...

Though because of the short period of time and budget, we cross out the white sand beach from the list and instead we decided to go to an ordinary beach. Huhuhu no white sand beach for now. But then again we feel so lucky that my godmother who's living in Aloguinsan paid a visit at home when she found out about my Aunt's arrival. In the middle of their conversation, she suddenly invited us to visit their place. Then later I remember Bojo river, hermit coves, island hopping and white sand beach. So I told them and my cousins tried to convince them that if we have some extra time and money we can go to one of Aloginsan's white sand beach. And we got a big YES if we still have time! woho! White Sand beach is back on the list. Though, we are still unsure we just prepared and brought extra clothes.

We arrive around 11 in the morning and my godmother suggested that we can have lunch at the beach. Like hell ya! We all agree. So we went to Hidden Beach which is the nearest to their house. When we arrived we took the chance to take lots of photos without knowing around 2 in the afternoon is going to be low tide. So we miss the chance of swimming. But it was memorable because for the first time we got to go far and far from the shore. Picking some starfish and sea urchin. I was really amazed at marine life. Also, I got to experience eating sea urchin for the first time.


Lastly for this post is our last beach outing. This happened right after our Aloguinsan trip. Well, we did enjoy starfish and sea urchin picking but we also badly want to splash in the water. Which we are not able to do because of low tide. The water was far far away from the shore and high tide will be in the evening. So the ladies suggested dropping by at the ranch resort to bathe before we go home. Though they didn't allow us instead we went to Park Place the next day. So we could also invite our other relatives. The more the merrier. Why not? right?

So we went to Park Place in Tajao early in the morning. We brought our own food and had barbecue some pork. After we almost finish cooking, I finally joined my cousins in swimming. What I like about Park Place is aside from the beach they also have 2 new pools for kids and adults. So in the morning I spent my time nursing/ looking after my little cousins. Which is really fun. They ride at my back while practicing my swimming skills and slowly teaching them how to swim too. Around the afternoon I ask my Aunt's to look after my little cousins. So I was able to join my other cousins at the pool. There we had chitchats and of course my most fave part eating in between. Haha

Definitely, a summer to remember. Isn't it? How about you guys, how was your summer?

Part two of our summer adventures will be posted in no time. So please stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list to get the latest update. Thanks again for dropping by!

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