October 20, 2017

Negros 2017: San Carlos City

Last September my family and I went on a very short trip to Negros Island. It was a sunny Sunday morning that they decided to push thru our plan to travel to Negros. It's been ages since the last time I travel outside Cebu so I was pretty excited. Even knowing that it will be just a very short trip with no itinerary at all. Actually, the real reason for this trip is for my cousins to experience traveling via boat/ship. We didn't bring any extra clothes or what not since we will just go home in the afternoon.
Negros island is just a sea away from my hometown much closer than Cebu city.  As a first-time traveler, we had no idea so choose to book a business class ticket at FastCat around 10:45am just in time for 11:00am departure. The funny thing is that we're the only Filipino inside the business class cabin. Most are foreigners traveling around. Medyo nosebleed besh!
Leaving Toledo city.
Of course before anything else, safety first. They had a demo of how to use the life jacket and reminders in case of emergency. Then later gave us free snacks.

Almost there! Hello San Carlos City!
At San Carlos City Port.
When I said that this trip was very short, I mean it. We only stayed for more or less 2 hours. When we arrived we had lunch at City Mall then went to Country Mall and bought some souvenirs. We also experience riding their version of a tricycle. Which was very fun. The culture shock for me was, their entrance happens to be on the left side and the exit is on the right side. Unlike in my hometown and other cities/places I been too, the entrance is on the right side and the exit is on the left side.
After buying some souvenirs, we decided to head back to the port. Yup! That short.
Instead of taking a tricycle we decided to walk around.
My personal request, to visit San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral.
It is a must for me to visit churches when traveling. They said if it's your first time to visit the church, make 3 wishes and He will diffidently grant them. We offer some prayers and lucky enough we witness a wedding ceremony.
I'm amazed how peaceful the city. You can hear children playing from afar.
Where big roads with few cars. You can take a buwis buhay photos.
Where you can walk around with no fear of passing cars. The locals are also very friendly.
With old traditional house still standing.

When we arrived at the port we decided to take the earliest departure going back to Toledo. We booked a regular class Fast Craft. The thing is, it started raining badly that we already thought they are going to cancel our trip. Despite the bad weather, we safely made it home.

I know I haven't explored more of San Carlos City and the whole Negros island in general. It was a short yet sweet trip. I will definitely be going back soon. 

October 11, 2017

Taobao is on Lazada!

Hello everyone,

I'm taking a quick break from school works. The final exam is fast approaching so I have to finish a few project and of course study for the upcoming exam.

Anyway, I just want to share to all of you some great news from Lazada. Today, Lazada finally launches its newest shop. One of China's most famous online shopping stores — Taobao

The Taobao Collection will offer deals with up to 80% discount! Now, customers will be able to order Taobao items without the hassle of international shipping as Lazada will provide free shipping nationwide and cash on delivery! They can choose from the wide range of assortments that they have!

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October 6, 2017

Priority List + Midyear Bucketlist

Disclaimer: This post was originally posted on my old blog. I've decided to migrate this post here for me to keep track and share my current goals. Published last July 12, 2017.

Priority & Midyear Bucket List

Time flies so fast that we are already in the month of July. Before the year ends I would like to share my Priority List and Bucket List. Well, this is rather unexpected since I didn't actually make any list for the first 3 months of the year because of my depression and anxiety. Right now, I'm so glad that I'm starting to recover and enjoy life.

Priority List

I will start with my priority list since these are the things that come to my mind when I was slowly recovering from all the negativity of life. In fact, I'm so happy to say that I have accomplished my list before the year ends.

☑ Pay remaining university balance and file for graduation.
Not many know that I didn't actually finish my bachelor's degree in Computer Science due to circumstances and financial reasons. Instead, I applied for the two-year course Associate in Computer Technology which was approved last May.

☑ Go back to university to have a bachelor degree.
Some may ask "why not continue and finish your first course if you want to have a bachelor degree?". Hmmmm.... I have been doing my best to catch up with my lessons but it's not working and I know to myself that I can do better than this. That I'm just in the wrong course and field. Though, going back to university seems impossible for me because of financial reason. I keep being optimistic that this desire of mine will come true. Finally, last June 13 this dream of mine came true. I was able to enroll in one of the universities in my hometown. I'm so thankful to Papa God for never forgetting to bless me even I sometimes forget to call for him. Also, thank you so much to people who trust in me even the world seems to don't.

☑ Move/ Relaunch my blog.
I have been wanting to revamp my blog to give a minimalist and sophisticated look. A new look, URL, and home for Simply Vanessa. It's been a while since the last time I code yet it was super fun and challenging at the same time. Glad I still remember my web and design & programming class way back in college.

☑ Learn a new language.
I have been curious about the similarity and difference of Spanish and Bisaya(Cebuano) or Tagalog language. That's why I started learning Spanish last year though I didn't take it seriously. This time I'm confident that I will learn the language and be serious about it. I also want to continue learning Japanese even I don't watch anime anymore. Lastly, for now, I will start learning the Korean Language. #ParaSaKDrama #ParaKayOppa hahaha.... #KinainNaNgSistema.

☑ To have a memorable summer.
I just had this sudden thought of wanting to enjoy summer - family bonding, do road trips and hit the beach. Thank you universe, what have I done to bless me big time. This came true when my Aunt from Luzon visited Cebu.

☑ Start a new business. Yay!
Being a young adult we are expected to be financially responsible and independent. Honestly, I dislike(maybe also hate) to deal with people. That's why I have been jobless after my last work. So I have to think of an alternative way for me to earn money. Though I still have a long way to go especially balancing my time at school and at home.

☑ Fight depression and anxiety. 
This is one of the hardest battles we face cause must of the time you only have yourself to help. And I had enough of life's negativity.

Midyear Bucket List

Thank you for making till the end part of this post. I created this list right after I enroll myself last June. My sort of motivational list for the rest of the year. 

‣ Take good care of my physical health.
Stop being abusive to myself. Eat on time. Sleep early....

‣ Be clean and organize at home and at school.
Do house chores regularly.  A clean and nice environment for learning.

‣ Study and pass exams.
Not all is given the chance to go back to school. I'll do my very best in everything. Learn from my past mistakes.

‣ Look for a part-time job.
Because of the weather, my small business is not doing well. So I have to look for another way to support my needs.

‣ Open saving account.
Have to start saving. Money Challenge perhaps?

‣ Be more active in blogging.
Publish at least one article a week? Why not? This might help me regain my creative juices. To keep my brain active.

‣Buy new blog domain.
 I want to establish Simply Vanessa as my brand. Hopefully a new .com or .net this October.

‣ Work on blog banners & logo.
For my social media and blog identity.

‣ Attend Conventions/Events.
ArchCon Cebu, Toficon and maybe Kpop related events.

‣ Continue learning a new language.
Spanish, Japanese and Korean.

‣ Visit relative in Quezon Province this December. 
Exploring Luzon for the first time! Yay!

‣ Fixed Laptop and buy a new phone.
Helpful for studies and blogging.

‣ Read at least one book a week.
I need to improve my English and to keep my imagination burning. 

‣ Watch more Korean Drama.
KDrama is life!

‣ Refurbish room.
Repainting, Buying new furniture and more

‣ Set up a mini-study and workspace/office.
A nice and relaxing place for study and work.

‣ Practice drawing skills
Time to give my skills another try. Painting. Watercolors. Sketching. 

‣ Explore new things
Don't be afraid to commit a mistake. There will always be a first time in everything.

‣ Be confident
After shutting down the world I become less confident than I was before. I need to stand up and be positive.

So that's all on my list but I might add more. I'll be optimistic again this time that I will be able to achieve all of them. Looking forward to a better life the rest of the year.

Photo Credits: Christoph PeichEwan RobertsonGlenn Carstens-Peters